Joining AIIC Italia

Art. 3 of the AIIC World regulation on national associations establishes complete identity and inseparablity between membership of AIIC World and of national associations. Information on how to become an AIIC World Member is available at theJoining AIIC page on the central website.

Membership in AIIC Italy, which was established on 5 March 2014, is subject to number of legal requirements which are verified by the Membership Committee (MC). The Secretary of AIIC Italy provides the MC with the names of new AIIC World members and the MC, together with the Treasurer, checks whether they comply with the membership requirements (i.e. having active or associate membership of AIIC World, having their professional domicile in Italy for at least 6 months of the year, having paid the established membership fees and holding one of the professional qualifications accepted under art. 4 of the AIIC Italy regulation).

Once these checks have been completed, the MC

informs the individuals involved of the outcome of the procedure and, if necessary, requests further information to provided.

Membership provides a number of substantial advantages since AIIC:

•negotiates with the main international organisations to produce collective international agreements governing working terms and conditions so as to guarantee high-quality interpretation;

•promotes professional excellence and protects working conditions by setting out professional standards and undertaking research into optimal working conditions;

•keeps abreast of new technologies in order to establish their proper use and how best to respond to health concerns, in cooperation with leading international standards institutions;

•puts members’ skills to the best use, by keeping track of market trends, through the work of the Private Market Sector;

•represents conference interpreters at UNESCO, where the association has initiated a project for the Definition and Recognition of the Profession (DRP);

•provides specialised consultancy to architects designing conference centres and television broadcasters organizing satellite voice link-ups.

•promotes the best training methods for trainers by monitoring interpreting schools and sponsoring advanced training courses.

•communicates with the interpreting community through its website and through the activities of groups such as the Young AIIC Interpreters Network, the AIIC Legal and Court Interpreting Committee and the Multilingualism Network, which are all accessible by the world-wide interpreting community.

promotes the use of languages by preparing initiatives and intervening directly with international organisations

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