Professional Development

Ongoing training and professional development are essential for conference interpreters; the AIIC World Training Committee organises courses and workshops internationally (see 2012-2014 report). AIIC Members also attend training activities organised by international institutions.

AIIC Italy’s Professional Development Committee (PDC), supplements AIIC World’s training offerings, by recruiting international training experts, including those operating in major organisations such as the EU and the UN, as well as training expertise in Italy.

In particular, AIIC Italia is involved in university research and training, through the participation of members who are university professors and lecturers in an international network of academics and by organising advanced trainer training events in Italy.

AIIC Italia combines with similar national associations to enrich the offering of training activities to conference interpreters who are based in Italy.

For further information on the organisation and the types of professional development activities, please consult the Regulations on Professional Development.

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