A Matter of Multilingualism

by Veronica Cioni - twitter: @VeronicaCioni

It was an overcast Thursday (or was it sunny? We would wile away much of our time indoors over the following 4 days) in the Spanish city of “valour” when the XXXVII Assembly of AIIC World got underway. More than 300 interpreters from around the world, the “invisibles” whose voices, skills and professionalism unite cultures, peoples and leaders every single day, came together to vote on important issues and to discuss the future of the profession (and, truth be told, let their hair down with old friends). At times, the auditorium seemed like a bubbling cauldron, as impassioned members shared their frank opinions, forward-looking ideas and fascinating experiences. At other times, a soft cloud of solidarity enveloped those present, as important decisions were taken to better the association and the vocation of all interpreters, young and old, new and seasoned. For a first-timer like yours truly, those four days of intense, compelling, enticing, thrilling learning and interaction in January summed up AIIC perfectly: a home for the determined, meticulous, ethical interpreter, an alcove that strives to keep him safe from the blizzards threatening his livelihood. It will never be easy, for blizzards get stronger before finally dying down. But together, as a world association, with strength and valour, the profession will continue to grow and why not, thrive!

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