AIIC World Interpreters-for-all and All-for-interpreters

by Veronica Cioni - twitter: @VeronicaCioni

When I was given the opportunity to write a short piece summing up AIIC World’s XXXVII Assembly in Valencia, I tried to come up with a succinct yet evocative way to describe the meeting and my experience. Interpreters favour  verbal efficiency and lexical quality (after all, we need to spare our vocal cords and grey matter without sacrificing eloquence), which got me thinking about the radical e. e. cummings and his highly idiosyncratic form of expression. Although no poet, I shall attempt to dabble in this art form and re-kindle the memories of a successful coming together of 300+ interpreters from around the world. Those artistic colleagues amongst us will surely forgive my well-intentioned endeavour.




interpreters-for-all and all-for-interpreters

we come together together to talk


textes de base   Committees

technology availed

new technology

optimal solution or perilous problem we wonder

debate disagree concur

and what of continuous professional development or training new #1int

we debate disagree concur

we ponder our profession

to excel to advance



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