AIIC Italy -

Quality Attestation Committee Regulations


The Associazione Internazionale Interpreti di Conferenza in Italia - AIIC Italia [International Association of Conference Interpreters in Italy -  AIIC Italy] is the Italian branch of the Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence (AIIC World), a global association with some 3000 members, which for more than sixty years has been promoting high standards of quality and professional integrity and is the preferential partner for European and International institutions. AIIC Italy is entered in the registry for Professional Associations that issue service quality and professional qualification certificates and the register can be consulted on the Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico [Economic Development Ministry] website (under Law 4/2013 “Provisions for Professions that are not organized in Orders or Collegially”, published in the Official Journal on 26th January 2013).
That law promoted voluntary self-regulation for unregulated professions and their associations. 
Based on the above, AIIC Italy has developed a quality assurance system for assessing quality standards in its own membership, whose checking is the remit of the Commissione per l’Attestazione della Qualità [Quality Certificate Committee] (CAQ), that was formed for this purpose. 


The CAQ is made up of four (4) members appointed by the Board of Directors, amongst whom there shall be a co-ordinator for the work of the Committee itself, who shall remain in post for the same term as its remit. 

The CAQ shall perform compliance checking procedures – on the part of AIIC Italy members who apply for the quality certificate – the requirements for which are set out in sect. 7 of Law 4/2013 quoted below:

“Sect. 7 Attestation System 1. In order to protect consumers and to guarantee transparency in the professional services market, professional associations may issue to their own members, after the necessary checks, under the responsibility of their own legal representative, a certificate regarding: a) The compliant registration of the professional within the association; b) The requirements needed to take part in the Association itself; c) The quality and professional qualification standards the members are required to comply with in exercising their professional activity in order to maintain their membership of the Association; d) The guarantees provided by the Association to users, amongst which is the activation of the Customer Contact Point referred to in sect. 2, paragraph 4; e) The holding of an insurance policy for professional liability made out in favour of the professional; f) The holding by the professional involved of certification, issued by an accredited body, regarding compliance with technical standard UNI. 2. Certificates under paragraph 1 shall not constitute a prerequisite required for the exercise of the professional activity.”


Following an application for the issue of a certificate on the part of an AIIC member the CAQ shall collect from respectively, the Treasurer, the CSP (Professional Development Committee), the applicant member and the Probi Viri Committee the following documentation that proves compliance with the requirements stated for the issue of the certificate, which requirements are set out below:

1) Having had his/her professional domicile in Italy for at least 2 (two) years
2) Compliance with the payment of dues 
3) Compliance with compulsory professional development 
4) Absence of disciplinary proceedings in progress against the applicant Member 

Any waivers must be approved and their reasons duly provided by the Executive Board. 

After checking the documentation, the CAQ shall notify the interested party of the outcome of the procedure and of any requests for further information. 
The Certificates shall be valid for 2 years.

The CAQ shall present an annual report on the activity performed to the Assembly.