Conference Interpreting

The conference interpreter translates orally from a source language to a target language through simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage interpretation. The interpreter works in the context of meetings, conventions and conferences of any nature - political, legal, economic, financial, scientific, cultural, religious, etc., in the private sector and in the national, European, and international institutional sphere. Conference interpreters are a living and active part of the event industry.


Interpreters are communicators who professionally convey the message of anyone who must make themselves fully understood by people of different languages: from heads of state and government to Nobel laureates, to large or small entrepreneurs, to indigenous people of the threatened tribes of the Amazon, to women kidnapped by ISIS. All are listened to and interpreted with the same respect and professional commitment because every message, idea or piece of information is important for those who communicate. Conference interpreters contribute to linguistic pluralism and international cooperation.
Photo Credits: Claudio Olmeda

Photo Credits: Quirinale

The conference interpreter can practice the profession as a freelancer or as a member of staff in an international organisation, a national body or a public administration. Interpreters exercise their profession in absolute autonomy strictly observing the criterion of confidentiality.

AIIC Italia promotes compliance with the technical standards relating to the professional figure of the interpreter approved at national or international level and ensures that the training and professional development requirements of its members are met.