Association Documents and Procedures

This section contains the documents that define the Association’s identity and operating procedures. AIIC Italy, as the Italian branch of AIIC World may be distinguished from other associations by its dual scope, national and global, which is summarised in the association’s regulations.

The structure of the section is bound up with Law 4 of 2013 that governs professional associations, and clarifies their responsibilities towards users and their own members.

These are statutory texts and therefore, necessarily legal in form. But they are imbued with the values and aims of our Association and our profession.

The Statutes govern the tireless search for quality, faithfulness to speakers’ messages – be they Heads of State, small or large entrepreneurs or Amazonian natives – and the scrupulous protection of confidentiality. Violating the duty of confidentiality entails expulsion from the Association.

The Internal Regulations set out the procedures for guaranteeing the democratic nature, transparency and division of responsibilities in the inner life of AIIC Italy.

The Professional Development Regulations encourage the coherent growth of members’ continuing professional development.  

The Service Quality and Professional Qualification Regulations are the culmination of various procedures, including disciplinary ones, and provide for the issuance of a certificate that officially testifies to full compliance with association rules.

──      Statutes

──      Deed of constitution

──      Code of Ethics

──      Professional Standards

──      Internal Regulations

──      CPD Regulations

Service Quality and Professional Qualification Certificate

Conference interpreters have a duty to keep up to date with the ongoing evolution of their working languages and to strengthen and update their theoretical, linguistic and sectoral skills relating to the contexts in which they are called upon to operate, with the aim of ensuring the success of each and every communications event in which they engage professionally. 

With the aim of facilitating its own members in the pursuit of this goal, and to better guide users, AIIC Italy has set up a procedure for the issuing of Service Quality and Professional Qualification Certificates in accordance with Law 4/2013, paragraphs a), b), c), d), e) and 8. This aims to guarantee that the skills that qualify professional interpreters are maintained (See Box on Professional Competence), based on the monitoring of objective data as regards individual Members and in line with the Code of Ethics and with AIIC Italia's international profile as the Italian branch of the Association Internationale Interprètes de Conférence (AIIC World). That monitoring is the remit of the Independent Quality Attestation Committee (CAQ), which was established for this purpose.

AIIC Italy is entered in the register for Professional Associations Authorised to Issue Professional Service Qualification and Quality Certificates published on the Economic Development Ministry website.

Requirements for Service Quality and Professional Qualification Certificate Issuance  

Following an application for the issuance of a certificate by an AIIC Member, the CAQ shall examine the documentation proving compliance with the requirements necessary for the issuing of the certificate. 


1) Having had his/her professional domicile in the Italy region for at least 2 (two) years
2) Having regularly paid dues,
3) Compliance with professional development requirements,
4) Absence of disciplinary procedures in progress regarding the applicant Member