AIIC Italy -

AIIC Italy Statutes

“International Association of Conference Interpreters in Italy"

Art. 1 NAME

An association is established under the name of Associazione Italiana Interpreti di Conferenza membri di AIIC - AIIC Italia, hereinafter called AIIC Italia. AIIC Italia comprises the members of the Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence, hereinafter called AIIC, who have their professional domicile in Italy. The Association is a non-profit organisation. 
These Statutes and any Regulations governing the workings of AIIC Italia shall be interpreted and applied in compliance with the Statutes and the other Basic Texts of AIIC.


AIIC Italia shall have its headquarters in Rome. 


The duration of AIIC Italia shall be unlimited. 


A conference interpreter translates orally concepts expressed in a source language into a target language by means of simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation or chuchotage. Conference interpreters work inter alia for political, legal, economic, financial, scientific, religious meetings and conferences, for national, European and international institutions and for the private market. Using a formal register and speaking in the first person, conference interpreters accurately convey information, ideas, cultural context and the intentions of the speakers. A conference interpreter may be either a freelance or a staff interpreter employed by an international organization, a national body or a government service. Conference interpreters practice their profession in complete autonomy and with full responsibility.
AIIC Italia shall promote compliance with any technical standards on the profession approved at a national or international level. 


AIIC Italia is an integral part of the global structure and activities of AIIC in all areas pertaining to conference interpreting, particularly with a view to promoting the highest ethical and professional standards as well as criteria and rules that guarantee the quality of professional services.
AIIC Italia is committed to promoting in Italy, also though its regional structure, any standards defined at a national and international level on interpreters’ health, on working conditions in the institutional and private markets and on interpretation equipment and technologies.
AIIC Italia is committed to furthering university training and research through its members’ participation in the international network of trainers promoted by AIIC and through the organization of training of trainers and professional development initiatives in Italy.
AIIC Italia undertakes to comply with the collective agreements signed by AIIC and international and supranational organisations (as specified in the Appendix to these Statutes) and promotes similar agreements with national institutions.
AIIC Italia participates actively in national and international initiatives for the drafting of technical standards relative to the profession.
AIIC Italia also participates in initiatives on interpreters in areas of conflict, legal and court interpreting, sign language interpreters and young interpreters.
AIIC Italia represents the profession of conference interpreters in Italy, safeguards its interests at the service of global communication and promotes professional enhancement by encouraging training, continuous professional development and research. The Association shall adopt procedures that guarantee high levels of professional standards. It promotes collegiality. 
AIIC Italia may recognize individuals or organisations who render outstanding services in support of the profession.
It shall adopt a code of professional ethics based on AIIC’s Code of Ethics and ensure its absolute respect. It may negotiate agreements with public sector bodies, private bodies, non-governmental organizations and other parties, particularly with regard to working conditions, remuneration, composition of teams and social protection.
The Regulations shall define in detail the professional activities of Members and the activities implemented by the AIIC Italia for the advancement of the profession.


AIIC Italia includes the members of AIIC who have their professional domicile in Italy and have the necessary qualifications and professional requirements. Candidates and pre-candidates of AIIC having their professional domicile in Italy may participate in the activities of AIIC Italia, but shall not have the right to vote.
AIIC Italia requires strict compliance with the code of professional ethics defining the principles of integrity, transparency and responsibility which are essential for the proper performance of professional services. 
AIIC Italia requires strict compliance with the requirement of regularly updating and developing professional skills.


The Statutory Bodies of the AIIC Italia are the following:

o Assembly 
o Executive Board
o Membership Committee
o Professional Development Committee
o Probi Viri Committee
The Association shall take action to remove any situations of conflict of interest or incompatibility which might arise with regard to its office holders.


The Association’s financial year runs from 1st January to 31st December. The Executive Board is required to draw up the financial statements for the year and submit them to the Assembly. The financial statements must be approved by the Assembly within four months from the end of each financial year.


The Assembly consists of all the members. The Assembly shall meet at least once a year and shall be convened by the President of the Association with notice sent by means of authenticated e-mail at least 15 days before the meeting. The notice shall contain the agenda as well as the dates and places of the first and second calls. 
The Assembly shall further be convened whenever the President, having consulted the Executive Board, deems it suitable, or when it has been requested in writing by one fifth of the members of AIIC Italia. 
The Assembly: 
- adopts the agenda 
- approves the minutes of the previous meeting 
- elects the President, the Treasurer and the Secretary
- elects the Executive Board
- elects the Probi Viri Committee
- approves the Report of the Executive Board 
- approves the budget and the final statement of accounts 
- decides the membership fees and any extraordinary contributions
- approves the reports of the other bodies of AIIC Italia
- adopts any other decisions concerning the activities of AIIC Italia submitted to the Assembly by the Executive Board or the Members, in compliance with the Regulations 
- adopts any changes to the Statutes or the Regulations, as well as any decision to dissolve AIIC Italia 
- decides on any other matter of extraordinary administration 
The Assembly is deemed to be validly constituted on the first call when the number of members present or represented by proxy is at least one half of the total number of the members. On the second call, the Assembly is always validly constituted.  
Decisions are taken by a majority of the members present and represented, with the exception of the following cases: 
a) elections require only a relative majority, whatever the number of members present or represented in the Assembly;
b) changes to the Statutes or the dissolution of AIIC Italia, in which case a vote in favour on the part of two thirds of the members present or represented in the Assembly is required. 


The Executive Board is comprised of the President, the Member of the Advisory Board of AIIC World, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and three regional representatives – elected by the Assembly. The term of the Executive Board is three years. Board Members are eligible for a maximum of two terms.
In the case of the position of a Board Member falling vacant before the end of his or her term, the Executive Board may co-opt a replacement, who will serve until the next AIIC Italia Assembly. 
Executive Board meetings shall be convened with a notice including the agenda of the meeting to be sent by authenticated e-mail at least 10 days (apart from urgent cases) before the meeting and shall be chaired by the President, or in his or her absence by a person appointed by the Board members present. The Executive Board is validly constituted when half of its members are present and its decisions are taken by a majority of those present. 

The Executive Board is responsible for:

- presenting to the Assembly the Budget and the final statement of accounts of AIIC Italia as well as its programmes of activity;
- monitoring compliance with the statutory provisions;
- proposing to the Assembly the membership fees to be set;
- appointing the Membership Committee, the Committee for Professional Development and the Representatives of AIIC Italia on the Customer Contact Point;
- propose any amendments to the basic texts of AIIC Italia to be submitted to the Assembly.

The Board may delegate some of its powers to one or more of its members.
The Board may sit in an expanded format to include representatives of all the bodies of AIIC Italia and the Customer Contact Point.


The President convenes the Executive Board and chairs its meetings. The President is the legal representative of AIIC Italia. 


The Treasurer reports annually to the Executive Board on the finances of AIIC Italia, draws up the final accounts as of 31st December of each year and presents the budget for the following year. 

The Secretary shall be responsible for the production of reports of meetings. She or he shall maintain contact with the AIIC Secretariat and lend her or his assistance where appropriate.


The Committee regularly ascertains compliance with the criteria required for membership of AIIC Italia. It periodically reports to the Assembly.


The Committee for Professional Development is entrusted with the task of suggesting, identifying and approving professional development activities, ensuring compliance with the obligation of ongoing training, in line with the relevant Regulation. The Committee periodically reports to the Assembly. 


 The Probi Viri Committee monitors compliance with the Statutes, the code of professional ethics and the other Regulations which govern the working of AIIC Italia, examines alleged infringements, promotes voluntary mediation and contributes to gathering relevant information where appropriate in view of any disciplinary procedures brought before AIIC’s Disciplinary and Disputes Committee, in line with the provisions of the Code of professional ethics defining the criteria of integrity, transparency and responsibility essential for the performance of professional services. 


The Association shall open a Customer Contact Point which users of professional services will be able to address in the case of disputes with individual interpreters or in order to obtain further information on the professional activities of Members and the quality standards required by the Association. 


AIIC Italia requires strict compliance with international best practices concerning professional standards and working conditions, as applicable. 


In the case of circumstances deemed to be incompatible with the existence of the Association, the Board shall convene an Assembly to decide the dissolution and liquidation of the Association.
In order for the decision of dissolution to be valid it is necessary for 2/3 (two thirds) of the members present and represented to have voted in favour. In the same decision, the Assembly shall appoint two liquidators.